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September 29, 2022

Stewardship Podcast Promo

You may or may not know we’ve launched a new way to connect through the John Houston Podcast! Technology is amazing, and I’m continually thankful for the different ways we get to interact with you.


Recently, we talked about one of my favorite topics: Stewardship. It’s the whole philosophy of our businesses. What we have is not really ours: it all belongs to God. Understanding this ownership mentality starts with an ownership question we have to be honest about. Are we the owners or the managers?


As we grow in our relationship with Christ, it becomes even more apparent that God is the owner of all things -- our relationships, finances, and possessions. He invites us to partner with Him and to steward well what He has placed in our hands. This concept goes way back to the beginning, in the Garden of Eden, when God told Adam and Eve to cultivate the ground, be fruitful, and multiply.

We can get this twisted because there is a lot of work to do! I’m not saying there isn’t. But the heart behind how we go about our lives is so important.


We’ve touched on this topic here on the blog, and I’m excited we get to hear some fresh perspectives as we hear from some of my friends as well. Join us on the podcast as we spend two episodes discussing this crucial topic.




  • How would it feel to involve God in your financial decisions?
  • How would it feel if you didn’t?
  • Who does God want you to bless? Your neighbor? Your church or local charity?


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