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Decision Fatigue
December 02, 2021

How to Battle Decision Fatigue


It’s said that the average adult makes about 35,000 decisions in a day. That makes me tired just thinking about it! You and I live full, busy lives, and with that comes decisions big and small. Your brain is hard at work, from your chosen morning alarm clock to how you wind down at night.


The sheer volume of decisions can affect our relationships, businesses, and, ultimately, our success in our work and mission. When we aren’t intentional about our decision-making, we can experience loss of focus, fatigue, and poor judgment. Of course, this is true in everyday life, but it is especially difficult when we have significant, life-altering decisions before us. However, there are a few ways we can be purposeful in our choices so that, instead of feeling bogged down, we can create margin for what really matters.


We can spiritually battle decision fatigue.

Pray and read God’s Word. Some days, I can feel so overwhelmed it’s hard to get out of bed. But, especially on those days, I find my strength as I spend time with God. God speaks to me, and I respond to Him. There is no replacement for this practice. If you aren’t sure where to start, I shared how I go about this in a previous post.


We can practically battle decision fatigue.

I cut down on the number of daily decisions by automating less important ones. This frees up valuable brain space to focus on more important choices I need to make. For instance:

  • Clothing: My team teases me sometimes about how I wear a black t-shirt and jeans nearly every day.
  • Eating: I eat at the same time and at the same few restaurants regularly.
  • Daily schedule and routine: I wake up at the same time and go through a similar routine every day.
  • Exercise: My workout routine is predictable and consistent.


 You don’t have to make all the decisions on your own. The talented people around you

can help cut down on the multitudes of choices you have.

  • Family: My wife Tracy and our kids help with decisions about entertainment, how we spend our free time, and what trips and vacations we enjoy. Tracy loves to travel, and I love letting her dream and give ideas of where we can go next.
  • Team: I have talked before about the importance of building a solid team. Being a great leader means we recruit and then empower those around us to operate in their gifts. This helps me personally and helps in our companies.


When I am facing a difficult situation, I go to a few trusted advisors. My friends, pastor, and executive team help me see things from a different perspective. I don’t know what I don’t know, and sometimes a simple conversation can offer a completely different viewpoint. One of the reasons God gives us relationships is to glean from the wisdom of others.


As Christian business leaders, we can get bogged down in the details and decisions of our work. But I believe we can intentionally pursue God and then implement some practical strategies. Then, we will experience that light load God promises, and the people around us will grow and become stronger as they participate in the mission set before us.

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