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Tracy Houston and the female leaders at the JH Family of Companies.
November 13, 2020

A Key to Building Strong Team Relationships

In my last blog post, I shared some thoughts on having time away from the office with your team.  Creating a shared experience where you have fun together is a big culture builder.

Today, I want to drill down on another key to building strong team relationships.

We asked the leaders who went on a trip with me or my wife Tracy what their favorite part was.  The answers surprised us and also reinforced our business strategy.

Our entire business is set up on this model:

1. God first

2. Family second

3. Business third

To put this model into practice, at different times throughout the trip, I had conversations with the guys about their marriages and parenting.  I was really honest with them about struggles Tracy and I have worked through and what is working for us right now.  I invested in them not just as their CEO, but as a man of God, husband and a father.  And the talks we had were priceless.  Tracy also had in-depth conversations with the women on the trip with her.  

You may be saying:  That’s great John, but how does that impact your business?

More than you realize. We believe that we are in the people business – the different businesses we own are only the tools used to impact people. All that we do to build strong relationships has a direct impact because every team is made up of people.  And people bring their whole selves to work.  When we prioritize building relationships with our team, trust is built.  And that trust extends into the workplace.

Model the behavior you want repeated.

Make time to strengthen relationships.

Build trust.

It is worth every minute you spend and the dividends will be huge for your employee, for you and your entire company.

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